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Illustrations for Lynda Lee-Potter's page.

Headings for Christmas television listings.



Cricket is a splendid American produced magazine for children. Find out more at


Woman's Weekly

At one time he illustrated the Letters page, the Good Health is ... feature (three examples below) and supplied The Wrights, a weekly comic strip. Due to the constantly changing editorship of the magazine, he was gradually relieved of all these jobs.

Vanity Fair

This, and several other drawings, are shown in the splendid The Secrets of Fashion Drawing by Noel Chapman and Judith Cheek, where each illustrator has a double page spread of work.  If you like fashion and fashion drawing, this contains an abundance of advice and samples of all kinds of fashion illustration.


Malcolm regularly illustrated Petticoat beginning with the first issue, after being discovered whilst studying fashion at the Manchester Regional College of Art, when the monthly Honey magazine (of which Petticoat was the weekly sister) edited an edition from the North of England.

A Bit of History!

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Malcolm Bird's first ever published work in the Rochdale Observer in December 1961.

All drawings, text, characters and related elements ©2022 Malcolm Bird

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All drawings, text, characters and related elements ©2023 Malcolm Bird